Teacher's Pack 1 Download (20 Topics)

Teacher's Pack 1 Download (20 Topics)
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This Teacher’s pack contains support material for 20 Topics. Topics covered are:

Nouns and Adjectives: Basic, Saying “and” and Plain Forms of Nouns, い Adjectives and Adjectives

Verbs: Verb Groups, The て Form and the Plain Present, the Plain Past, the Plain Negative and the Plain Past Negative


Saying ‘and”


Colours before Nouns


I want to たいです

Invitations and basic verb conjugations

Making sentences in Japanese


The most いちばん

This and that


You may share the Presentation Slides and the Presentations with other teachers in

your institution freely.  You may share the Presentation Slides and the Presentations

with your students and you may upload the Presentation Slides and the Presentations

to any digitaplatform within your institution. You may not use the Presentation Slides

or the Presentation to make a video, or add a voiceover to any of the purchased

materials. You may share links to the Easy Japanese Grammar website, but you may

not upload any Easy Japanese Grammar materials to a public forum.

Price: 44.00 AUD
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